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 Tēma: Mercedes-Benz W123 Guinness Records
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MB Club Latvia
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Hello friends of Mercedes-Benz W-123,

we plan to break the 2016 Dutch record for the longest W123 parade in the world and secure our place in the Guinness Book of Records on 10th June 2018 on 10th June 2018.
We succeeded in persuading those responsible for the Tarmstedter exhibition to support us in the project. Therefore, the site of the Tarmstedter exhibition is available as a rallying point, as well as starting and finishing point of the W123 parade.
Our goal for the new record is to gather more than 323 W123 vehicles on the place and then ride a circuit together.
First, each vehicle receives a consecutive start number. During the circuit, all participating vehicles are regularly counted and also filmed at the start and finish point. The exact documentation is mandatory for the recognition of the organization „Guinness World Record”. The record can only be scored and certified with the complete documentation.
The other rules for the participating vehicles are briefly listed below:
• The vehicle model does not matter, so W, S, V, C, T, convertible, hearse, ambulance, pick-up or other superstructures of all years of the Mercedes 123 series may participate.
• The vehicle must be approved for use on public roads.
• The driver must be able to possess and present a valid driving license.
• The vehicle must drive with its own drive - pushed / towed vehicles are not scored.
• In the joint exit between the vehicles no greater distance than 2 vehicle lengths - ie a maximum of 10 m - arise.
• The designated route between the start and end points must be adhered to.

All participants and guests will be provided with a supporting program for an entertaining day. On the grounds of the „Tarmstedter Ausstellung” (Eickenfeldweg, 27412 Tarmstedt, Germany) food and drinks are offered, there is musical entertainment, a mobile KÜS testing station and information stands. For children there is a carousel and a bouncy castle. An emergency assistance for the participating vehicles is available.

Please join and support our event.
Thank you for sharing and we are glad to meet you in Tarmstedt.

Greatings from the

Dick Smeman
Horst Heykants
Stefan Hoops

W123 Elbe-Weser

Please visit:
Internet + registration:

Family Garage Latvia
Scalemodels shop in Latvia
All about my Mercedes-Benz on

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