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 Tēma: Looking for R170
AtbildeAtbilde saņemta: 17. Februāris 2015, 22:33 
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Pievienojies: 22. Jūlijs 2005, 21:27
Atbildes: 51
Atrašanās vietas: Viļņa, Lietuva
Mašīna: 123.053
Karma: 0
Hi, guys,

It's so nice to come back again after... hm, 5yrs? I'm really appreciate community cause my profile still working :) Well, enough of courtesy, let's talk about subject.

Looking for R170. Actually I need a simple funcar with hardtop to be used by young woman as her first car (all year round, parking in the street in the heart of Viļņa, four EuroNCAP stars at least, preferably Mercedes).

Yes, I know, M112 is better as M111 while FL model is better as pre-FL. But the best choice is a good condition. Sure I would like to visit Riga (Hi, Mizx, how are you, Old Sport? Hi, MBex, Z.V. and all good men), but weather is so chilly in February :)

So maybe somebody could write some words about ?

Feel free to write in English, German or Russian. Thanks for your reviews in advance.

God bless you all.

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 Tēma: Re: Looking for R170
AtbildeAtbilde saņemta: 17. Februāris 2015, 23:07 
MB Club Latvia
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Pievienojies: 08. Jūnijs 2004, 17:32
Atbildes: 33811
Atrašanās vietas: Pleskodāle
Mašīna: R129

Karma: 17
Hi Mekigis,

hopefully everything is fine there in LT. Well, it will be hard to find a good R170 in the Baltics....

Das Beste oder nichts!

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 Tēma: Re: Looking for R170
AtbildeAtbilde saņemta: 18. Februāris 2015, 12:40 
MB Club Latvia
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Pievienojies: 14. Jūnijs 2004, 15:15
Atbildes: 21994
Atrašanās vietas: On the road
Mašīna: Šodien ar Brabus B6 S
Karma: 11

Yes, many years since last time we met!

About that car. I'm not sure if someone has seen this car and can say something more. My opinion abour BRC cars is that they are usually little overpriced, but, OK, environment and all sale services (personell etc.) costs something. As I remember, they have connections with our dealer, so checking this car at dealer service in Latvia seems to be little useful. I don't know about this car, but some years ago they sold these overpriced cars without any warranty. My overall decision at that time was not to buy. As there is higher price, no warranty and at that moment I wouldn't trust information from our dealer service.

But it was long time ago. So, if you'd like, it is possible to go and get more information about this car!

The sad truth is that excellence makes people nervous /

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AtbildeŠo ierakstu izdzēsa ZV - 08. Decembris 2020, 12:46.
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